Daily Except Sundays: The Diaries of a Nineteenth Cenury Engineer

Dana Adams Story
In the winter of 1991 the Boston & Maine Railroad Historical Society acquired a rare collection of forty-three diaries kept by Philip T. Adams, an engineman on the Essex branch of the Eastern Railroad, later to become the Boston & Maine Railroad. These diaries open windows into history, recording the intimacies of the day-to-day operation of the railroad, glimpses of life in the town of Essex, and a personal look into the life and affairs of Philip Adams and his family.

In the lore of railroad legend, in story and song, the engineers of crack trains and fast mainline schedules were always the heroes. Yet, as the author notes, men like Philip Adams, who “worked long hours, encountering every conceivable situation that might possibly arise, through winter storms and summer heat, were the real, if unsung, heroes of railroading, manifesting an operating skill much superior to a main line man. These were the men who personified the railroad and made it run.”
ISBN 1-889020-16-8