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Remembering Kathryn Adams Doty

Edinborough Press had the privilege of publishing Kathryn's books. They were both personal and insightful. Her first novel, A Long Year of Silence, told the story of a young woman in the midst of the political turmoil found in a primarily German community during World War I. The book won her well-deserved honors of First Prize from the Midwest Book Awards. That was followed by Wild Orphan, based on the time her father spent as director of a German Methodist orphanage in Iowa. It was told with sensitivity to the challenges of growing up in difficult circumstances.

For her final book, Becoming the Mother of Me, Kathryn turned to her own story, tracing the influence of her beloved father on her life, tracing that through her brief career in Hollywood as a film actress, then discussing its impact on her marriage to Hugh Beaumont. She brought humor and wisdom and insight into her journey to acceptance.

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