Hospital Days: Reminiscence of a Civil War Nurse

Jane Stuart Woolsey
The popular image of the Civil War nurse is that of the angel of mercy, caring for the wounded on the battlefield. Hospital Days shows a woman nurse as administrator, establishing the groundwork for a new profession.

Jane Woolsey, Superintendent of Nurses at the Fairfax Seminary Hospital in Alexandria, Virginia, gives a contemporary insight into the medical practices of the period, the role of women, and the routine of a soldier's hospital recovery. Woolsey shares stories of hardship and courage based on her three years in the wards.
"Read this book! It is a wonderful addition to Civil War literature."--Jan Romanovich, The Citizen's Companion

"...a thoughtful commentary on the successes and failures of wartime nursing." --Agatha Young, Women and the Crisis

"Happily, over a century later, this wonderfully composed memoir is widely accessible, attractively presented, and affordable."-- Civil War Magazine

"This excellent memoir will appeal to both scholars and general readers alike. Writing in a crisp narrative style, Woolsey enlivened her comprehensive narrative by including anecdotes. She could also touch the emotions deeply, without resorting to sentimentality."--Linda G. Black, The Civil War News

This second edition includes a new introduction by Daniel J. Hoisington.
ISBN 1-889020-09-5