A Ministry Remembered

Dr. Fred Owen Doty
Fred O. Doty brings a sense of compassion to these stories about his ministry, grounded by his childhood in pre-World War II Tennessee and his years as a pastor in churches in Columbus, Ohio, Chalmers, Indiana, Long Beach, California, and Woodland Hills in the San Fernando Valley of southern California. Doty also provides keen insights into the human spirit, informed by his work as a psychologist. During his tenure as minister of the Woodland Hills Church, he completed his Ph.D in psychology. After the Woodland Hills ministry he directed an interdenominational counseling center in Charleston, South Carolina, and retired from his his formal ministry to become a mental health consultant at a Catholic hospital in New Prague, Minnesota.

In his stories, you’ll catch glimpses of well-known people like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Eleanor Roosevelt, and Nelson Rockefeller, but you’ll also meet men and women, living everyday lives, trying to find answers to life’s difficult questions with grace, humility, and love.
“The stories told within reveal with stunning immediacy the triumphs, failures, humor, and tragedy of the human experience. The reader will meet the wide range of human beings whom the writer has encountered. Most importantly you will meet the author, Dr. Fred O. Doty, the minister, whose tolerance, compassion, courage, and wisdom will deepen your understanding of what a most meaningful ministry is really all about and, I believe, you will become both informed and inspired.” — Dr. James Goddard, M.D., former head of the Food and Drug Administration and director of the Center for Disease Control, Atlanta, Georgia

“The most powerful theme is the ministry of listening and care. You have a rare ability to express empathy for someone who is hurting and to respond to the best of them rather than the worst. Yet you are able to express moral judgments with humility and recognition of ambiguity in your own life and that of others, so it does not end with just listening.” — Ian Barbour, Professor of Science, Technology & Society, Emeritus, Carleton College, and winner of the Templeton Prize for Progress in Religion
ISBN 978-1-889020-31-0