Wild Orphan

Kathryn Adams Doty
When hard times force her mother to take a night job, Elizabeth Eibers is placed in an orphanage in rural Missouri. There, she suffers under the strict discipline of Father Gastmann, but finds solace in her growing friendship with Georgiana, a tough “wild” orphan. Then, her mother’s illness forces Elizabeth to confront the truth about her father.
“Thank goodness for another Kathryn Doty book. One is not enough. She knows to introduce the reader to issues such as orphanages, prejudice toward gypsies, and the search for a father in fascinating and believable ways.”
Dr. Louisa Smith
Emeritus Professor of Children’s Literature
Minnesota State University, Mankato
Former editor of The Lion and the Unicorn

"This character-driven novel brings together two preteens at the forbidding Central Orphans Asylum: Georgiana and Lizbeth....Writing from Lizbeth’s perspective, the author gives the story a midwestern, late 1920s setting. She evokes ample historical flavor from period attitudes and turns of phrases as well as from a story arc that takes the protagonists through episodes of physical abuse and emotional pain before closing as the girls head toward new lives."
ISBN 1-889020-20-6
Price: $14.95