Grace Flandrau: Voice Interrupted

Georgia Ray
Grace Flandrau was a contemporary of F. Scott Fitzgerald, sharing both a hometown -- Saint Paul, Minnesota -- and an editor, the legendary Maxwell Perkins. She wrote six books -- three of which were turned into movies -- and more than four dozen stories. Kyle Crichton, Scribner’s associate editor, told her, “You belong with the very first of American writers.” During her life, she was one of Minnesota’s best-known authors, with her own radio show and a weekly column in the St. Paul Dispatch.

And yet, she remains in history’s shadows. In this landmark biography, Georgia Ray tells the story of a remarkable woman and explores Flandrau’s fall from literary and social grace.
“Georgia Ray has elevated St. Paul, Minnesota, novelist and journalist Grace Flandrau from obscurity to her rightful place alongside her contemporaries -- Scott Fitzgerald, Sinclair Lewis, Willa Cather and Ring Lardner. This book is the first step in rehabilitating the reputation of one of the great -- and most undeservedly forgotten -- descriptive writers of the twentieth century.”
--Paul Froiland, adjunct lecturer, School of Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Minnesota
ISBN 1-889020-18-4