Submission guidelines

Edinborough Press is committed to publishing well-researched and written books on American history with a special focus on the Civil War era and American religious history. We also are interested in books on historic architecture and local history, especially with subjects from the Midwest and New England. We publish a limited number of books each year.  Each book published is of exceptional quality and accompanied by a complete marketing and promotion plan.

What are we looking for:

We welcome proposals that fit into our existing subjects. The best manuscripts have a compelling message with engaging text that captures the reader. Many of our books include extensive photographs and illustrations; please include examples of available unpublished photographs or illustrations for your manuscript.

Your submission should include:

  •  A brief cover letter or resume outlining your qualifications.
  •  A summary of your proposal highlighting its unique aspects.
  •  Proposed target audience for this book .
  •  First chapter and book outline, sample illustrations or photographs .

Do not send original materials.  Do not submit the entire manuscript unless it is fiction.  All materials should be copies of the originals.  Copies should be of high enough quality to fairly evaluate your work. Edinborough Press is not responsible for any unsolicited material.  We will not return any unsolicited material without a self addressed and stamped envelope.  

Send Submissions to:


Edinborough Press
Box 13790
Roseville, MN  55113


The time required to evaluate each project varies with our schedule and the complexity of the proposal.  Manuscripts will receive our careful attention. The first evaluation all manuscripts undergo is a preliminary in-house review, which determines the general suitability of a project for our list. This process may take several weeks. Thereafter, the manuscript will either be returned or sent to editors and readers for a formal review. We do our best to provide authors with thoughtful and useful responses to their manuscripts within a reasonable amount of time. The review process represents an investment of intellectual concern, time, and money.