Stories from the Delegates

The United States Christian Commission provided all delegates with a leather-bound diary so that they could record their experiences. The central office in Philadelphia then gathered the stories and made them wiely available in newspapers, magazines, books, and sermons.

Dwight Moody Goes South
The Chicago YMCA sent young Dwight Moody to minister to the troops after the battle of Fort Donelson.

"A thousand little nameless acts"
John Chamberlain served with the USCC during the battle of Gettysburg. He filed this report after the battle.

Jane Boswell Moore: My Service
A Maryland woman tells of her war service with the Christian Commission.

"If Thine Enemy Hunger"
George Duffield confronts wounded Confederate soldiers after the battle of Gettysburg.

An Army Meeting
Reverend Barrows tells of an evening of song at a camp in the Army of the Potomac.