The Farmers State Bank was designed by Olof Hanson, the first deaf architect in the United States.

Kenyon, Minnesota

Kenyon is a charming town located in Goodhue County, some fifteen miles due east of Faribault. Historic buildings and sites give the city much of its special character and community identity—the Gunderson House, the Boulevard of Roses, downtown stores, and neighborhood churches provide the landmarks that anchor our lives. These resources require careful stewardship since, once lost, they are gone forever.

It is often said, "You can't save everything." Preservation planning provides a framework that will assist the Kenyon Heritage Preservation Commission to determine priorities. Working with the HPC, in 2005, we wrote an historic context report, laying out the principal theme of the city's history. This helps to answer the question, "What is important?"In 2006, we completed a historic properties survey, creating a list of existing buildings with descriptions, photographs, and evaluations of the integrity of each property in town.

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