Wilhelm Pfaender and the German American Experience

Essays by Hans Müller and Annette Hofmann
Edited by Grady Steele Parker

In 1848 William Pfaender left Germany, headed to the United States. His path took him to Cincinnati, where he played a central role in the growing American Turner movement. Then, in March 1855, in the wake of widespread mob violence against German Americans, Pfaender called for the creation of a Turner settlement society. That letter would lead to the founding of the city of New Ulm, Minnesota. He became a leading citizen of that town, a heroic officer during the Civil War, and Minnesota state treasurer.

In this book, two German scholars look at Pfaender’s life from the perspective of his native homeland, recognizing the significant place that William Pfaender holds in German American history.

ISBN 978-1-889020-23-5, Softbound, $7.95


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