Hospital Days

The popular image of the Civil War nurse is that of the angel of mercy, caring for the wounded on the battlefield. Hospital Days shows a woman nurse as administrator, establishing the groundwork for a new profession.

Jane Woolsey, Superintendent of Nurses at the Fairfax Seminary Hospital in Alexandria, Virginia, gives a contemporary insight into the medical practices of the period, the role of women, and the routine of a soldier's hospital recovery. Woolsey shares stories of hardship and courage based on her three years in the wards.

"Read this book! It is a wonderful addition to Civil War literature."--Jan Romanovich, The Citizen's Companion

"...a thoughtful commentary on the successes and failures of wartime nursing." --Agatha Young, Women and the Crisis

"Happily, over a century later, this wonderfully composed memoir is widely accessible, attractively presented, and affordable."--Civil War Magazine

"This excellent memoir will appeal to both scholars and general readers alike. Writing in a crisp narrative style, Woolsey enlivened her comprehensive narrative by including anecdotes. She could also touch the emotions deeply, without resorting to sentimentality."--Linda G. Black, The Civil War News

This second edition includes a new introduction by Daniel J. Hoisington.

ISBN 1-889020-09-5
Softbound. 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 144 pages

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