James M. Schmidt

Jim Schmidt is the author of Lincoln’s Labels: America’s Best Known Companies and Brands and the Civil War (Edinborough Press, 2008) and editor of Glowing Wounds and Phantom Limbs: Tales from the Annals of Civil War Medicine (Edinborough Press, 2009).

A chemist by training and profession, he is currently employed as a pharmaceutical research scientist in The Woodlands, Texas. Jim has had a life-long interest in history and his writing credits include articles for North & South, The Artilleryman, World War II, Learning Through History and Chemical Heritage magazines. His popular column, “Medical Department,” has appeared regularly in The Civil War News since 2000.

Jim’s research on the role of well-known companies and brands in the American Civil War draws on published and unpublished biographies and histories, period newspapers and correspondence, and corporate archives.

To learn more, visit his "Civil War Medicine and Writing" blog at http://civilwarmed.blogspot.com.

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