William Christen

BILL CHRISTEN is a retired automotive engineer who has spent the last twenty-five years engaged in research about the social and material culture of the nineteenth century. He is the publisher of The Watchdog, a quarterly journal for enactors and interpreters of the 1850 to 1875 time period. It is a non-profit, historical preservation organization that also publishes monographs on social and material culture.

For the last thirteen years, Pauline Cushman has been the primary focus of that interest—bringing her story to life once again by uncovering new primary source material. In the course of his work on the book, Bill and his wife, Glenna Jo, visited many of the scenes where Pauline’s story unfolded. They live in Warren, Michigan, amidst a collection of nineteenth-century photographs, clothing, and ephemera.

Listen to an interview with Bill Christen on the November 2008 edition of The Thistle podcast.

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